It said that an 11 yr old discovered one of his creations on mlp videos. It was the top ten pony videos of feburary 2013 that on #1 it said " by hotdiggitydemon". She was curious of what will happen next so she saw the whole video without watching the others! Meanwhile ; she saw the complete mov. series by spencer bates. "It is good!" she said. But she dosent know he was in conventions. Thats when she got an idea. The girl declared to be in the next mov. cartoon! He said in maxs wiki that he will make a one wirh derpy hooves and gave an idea to be voice of derpy an help him animate it. She saw kira "Rina chan buckland as twilight. On youtube in the future she will make an account that said "Hot Diggity Demon 2" with the same profile picture but a 2 on the side .Max Gilaradi if u r reading it .in the future our bond will be together we'll go to conventions and our love will be never ending from what we like and dislikes we will still be together ...

             "Ohana means family"

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