Ask Jappleack is a tumblr account where you may ask Jappleack any question and hopefully she will respond.


  1. Prolouge
  2. You Can't Eat All Those Apples
  3. Green Apples
  4. Meal Plan
  5. Favorite Book
  6. Where Are You?
  7. Look Like
  9. Apple Bloom's Cutie Mark (LINK)
  10. You Have a Foul Mouth Applejack
  12. Does Apple Bloom Get a Healthy Dosage of Apples?
  13. Your Friends
  14. Mares or Colts?
  15. Long Tounge
  16. Apples Are Red Like Communists, Part 1
  17. Apples Are Red Like Communists, Part 2
  18. The Difference Between Apple Cider and Apple Juice
  19. What was it Like Eating Your First Apple?
  20. Barrack Obama Doesn't Like Apples
  21. What Would you do if you Ran Out of Apples?
  22. What Would you do if Apple Bloom's Cutie Mark Did Not Involve Apples?
  23. What Drugs are you On?
  24. Yo Ass so Fine
  25. Peaches
  26. Apple Computer
  27. I Really Like Your Blog
  28. Sexually Attractive
  29. Strawberries Are Best Fruit
  30. Rarity is Best Pony
  31. Funny Face
  32. What Kind of Brother is Big Macintosh? (LINK)
  33. Ever Tried to Eat the Apples on Your Hip?
  34. What Kind of Sister is Apple Bloom?
  35. Civil War Question
  36. Apple Pie
  37. Giant Apple
  38. Triple Dog Dare
  39. Why Are Your Freckles White?
  40. You Kawaii
  41. How Many Apples Can you Fit in Your Mouth?
  42. Ponyville Elementary's Message About Apple Bloom's Behavior
  43. Have You Ever Mistaken a Tomato for an Apple?
  44. Taking an Apple Out to Dinner
  45. Carrot Top
  46. Where Jappleack Got Her Hat
  47. If Chuck Norris Challenged Jappleack to an Apple Eating Contest, Part 1
  48. If Chuck Norris Challenged Jappleack to an Apple Eating Contest, Part 2
  49. If Chuck Norris Challenged Jappleack to an Apple Eating Conest, Part 3
  50. Uh, oh
  51. HE'S COMING!
  53. Can Apple Bloom Come Over?
  54. Why do you Hate Apple Bloom?
  55. Apple Bloom Gets Hit for (not) sending an Insult to Her Sister
  56. Are you Straight, or Gay?
  57. At Least I'm Not a Brony
  58. Shut up, Kristina.
  59. Who's a Silly Pony?
  60. Apple Math
  61. Would you Mind Sharing Some of Those Apples?
  62. Gilda (LINK)
  63. Fuck you!
  64. In Your Government!
  65. If Your Life Depended on Eating a Banana or an Orange?
  66. How Many Hats do you Have?
  67. Grapples
  68. Merry Applemas
  69. How do you Grab with no Fingers?
  70. Will I Ever Have the Chance to Ride You?
  71. Are you Male or Female?
  72. Das Racist
  73. Emo Jappleack
  74. Jappleack Meets Mickey the Dick (LINK)
  75. Apple Language
  76. Jappleack Gets Stunned
  77. Pong Blogs
  78. Vegetables
  79. How Long?
  80. Watch out, Ashleigh
  81. Orange Apples
  82. Message from the Filly Protection Agency (FPA)
  84. We Peed in Apple Bloom's Cider!!!!
  85. Is you a Boy Human or a Girl Human?
  86. Razor-Filled Apple
  87. Are you a Virgin?
  88. Nuclear Apple
  89. Jappleack Shows Love for Apple Bloom
  90. I Don't Know What I'd do if Anything Had Ever Happended to Apple Bloom

Chapter 1: Jappleack's SorrowEdit

  2. RIP Apple Bloom
  3. Where's Winona? (LINK)
  4. Applefact: Your Sister is Dead
  5. Jappleack's Not in the Mood
  6. What is the Point of Growing Apples?
  7. Jappleack Loses Her Appetite
  8. Jappleack Tries a Pear
  9. The Apples Appear
  10. It... ...Wants... ...Me... ...Back.
  11. APPLE.MOV: The Sequal
  12. Jappleack in a Coma
  13. The Apples Are Talking
  14. Jappleack Wakes Up
  15. Coming Home
  16. The Apples' Message
  17. Big Macintosh Stops Jappleack
  18. Saying Good-Bye
  19. Jappleack's New Home
  20. Jappleack Meets "Actual" Applejack

Chapter 2: The Japple AnormalyEdit

  1. Ask Applejack, Part 1
  4. Ask Applejack, Part 2
  5. Ask Applejack, Part 3
  6. Jappleack Meets "Actual" Twilight Sparkle (LINK)
  7. Jappleack Learns the Truth
  8. Jappleack Confessess About Her World
  9. Jappleack Meets Actual "Apple Bloom"
  10. The Apples Return
  11. Jappleack Tells Twilight About the Apples
  12. The Universes Are Disapearing
  13. Jappleack Investigates
  14. The Story of the Titans
  15. Jappleack Meets Appelox (LINK)

Chapter 3: ElasticityEdit

  1. Jappleack Will Eat Appelox
  2. The Sword of the Holy Titans
  3. Applejack Talks to Jappleack
  4. Hotdiggedydemon Panel Cartoon
  5. Twilight Looks at Jappleack's Tumblr
  6. Return of the Comment Questions
  7. Appelox's Story
  8. Jappleack Prepares for the Misson
  9. Hotdiggedydemon Panel Cartoon 2
  10. Applelox Comes Closer
  11. Jappleack Enters the Void
  12. Jappleack Goes Through the Void
  13. Jappleack Eats Applox
  14. Reality Will Fall Apart
  15. Applox' End
  16. Jappleack Falling Through the Void
  17. Equestria Prime Vibrates, Part 1
  18. Equestria Prime Vibrates, Part 2
  19. Equestria Prime Vibrates, Part 3
  20. Jappleack Meets Twilus (LINK)
  21. Twilus Commends Jappleack
  22. Jappleack Returns
  23. Jappleack Leaves
  24. SWAG.MOV
  25. Jappleack: Appilogue


  • Character Debuts: Apple Bloom (before PONY.MOV), Big Macintosh (before PONY.MOV), Carrot Top (celebrity), Discord (before PONY.MOV), Gilda, Mickey the Dick (in PONY.MOV), Pony Doctor, Granny Smith, Appleox, and Twilus.
  • Some of the occasions from the PONY.MOV series are mentioned, and the videos appear on the site to show what Applejack has missed.


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