"Do you think he likes pizza?"
Chica the Chicken
Chica the Chicken




Children's Entertainer


Animatrotic Chicken


Deceased (formerly)

Voiced by

Monica Franco

Chica the Chicken is a yellow chicken who is one of Freddy Fazbear's friends who wants to make new friends. She has an affinity for pizza and believes everyone has good inside.


Fazbear & FriendsEdit

She first appeared when she brought pizza to the gang, much to Foxy's dismay. Later, she joined the others on their quest to make Mike Schimdt their friend.


She is a light yellow chicken with an orange beak, legs, and black boots. She also pizzas in her chest as breasts. Like the other characters, she also has black eyes. She wears a chef's hat and a bib that says, "LET'S EAT!".


Chica is a sweet person who likes to assume the best of people. She really enjoys cooking and talks a lot about pizza.


  • It's implied that Chica and Freddy are in a relationship. Despite this, she later decides to kiss Foxy.
  • Much like the other animatronics (excluding Freddy), she is not exactly dead since Freddy said that he could put her back together.
  • For a while, people have wondered whether Chica's breasts are actually small pizzas, or they were merely censored. Max Gilardi later confirmed the former. [1]


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