Fanmail 2
WGJ4K Fanmail 235:58

WGJ4K Fanmail 2

Running Time



Mickey the Dick
Max Gilardi
Yotam Perel
The Pizza Vampire

WGJ4K: Fanmail 2 is a half-hour long special of Wacky Game Jokez 4 Kidz. It aired on Youtube on June 6 2011.


Mickey the Dick sits down with popular youtube animator Yotam Perel to talk turkey, read emails from fans, and argue about nothing! They are also joined by some mysterious guests, including a bizarre man of supernatural origins who has an intense affinity for pizza.


To Be Added


  • Max Gilardi - Himself and Mickey
  • Yotam Perel - Himself, The Pizza Vampire, Chinese Woman, Old Man, Barack Obama, and Christian

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