Gonna Eatcha Brains HD 1080p00:57

Gonna Eatcha Brains HD 1080p

Gonna Eatcha Brains
is the song sung by Fluttershy near the end of SHED.MOV after she saw Spike, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie-Pie in her shed. The song is a parody of the theme song to Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, by Bill Cosby. It has lyrics by Billy Blabara and music by Charlotte Hiy.


Fluttershy: Take it away, fellas.

(The skeletons on the wall start using their bones as drums.)


I'm gonna sing a song for you

(Pinkie Pie and Spike jump out the windows.)

And I'm gonna show you a thing or two

(Fluttershy locks Rainbow Dash in a boobytrap chair.)

So have a seat, my dear

And if it's all the same

Just sit back, and relax



Na, na, na, yeah, eatcha brains!

Brain, brain, brains!

(Fluttershy cuts a chainsaw through Rainbow Dash's head.)


Na, na, na, yeah, eatcha brains

Na, na, na, yeah, eatcha brains yeahhhh bitchhhhhh

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