Lieutenant Clip and Officer Clop




Police Officers



Cutie Mark

Unkwown (Blue One)
Police Badge (Green One)

Pony Type


Voiced by

Jon Etheridge (Blue One)
None (Green One)

Lieutenant Clip and Officer Clop are two earth ponies who work for the Ponyville Police Department.



They appeared after hearing a call (possibly by Spike and Pinkie Pie) about a disturbance over at Fluttershy's shed. As the cops barged in, they demanded to know what was going on, only to find Fluttershy slicing Rainbow Dash in half with a chainsaw, along with all of the other dead animals surrounding her. Fluttershy (using the face she has in the real show) told the cops that this isn't what it looks like, but it was, of course, hard to beleive with all of the things surrounding her. They then arrested her and sent her to the local mental hospital.


  • Their names were given by Max Gilardi on his Twitter, even though they were never named in the episode.
  • They're both characters who don't appear in the real show.
  • Like most cartoon police officers, they speak with an Irish accent.
  • The names they were given was a joke of the sound that horse's hooves make.
  • It's unknown which cop is which.

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