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Voiced by

Max Gilardi

Luigi is the dorky, younger brother of Mario, who often abuses him physically and verbally.


Luigi's Day OutEdit

When Mario decided to go out and do his usual job of saving the Princess from Bowser, his Mom comes up to him and asks for him to take Luigi with him. After they both had an argument, Mario finally gives in and takes Luigi with him.

As Luigi hangs out with Mario, he was threatened not to tell their Mom that he smokes behind her back. Soon, Mario's friends, Waluigi and Princess Daisy, arrive and start thinking about what they want to do for fun (since Mario decide to blow off saving Peach). While they were talking, Luigi is shown trying to swat a fly, but ends up hitting himself in the face by mistake. After witnessing that, this gives Mario an idea.

The first thing that Mario and his friends do to mess with Luigi is tricking him into jumping into a bottomless pit, making him think that the Princess was down there; resulting with him dieing, just like in the games. After Luigi respawns, the next thing he's tricked into doing is giving high-five the Sun, thus getting burned down to the waist as a result. Luigi is then respawned for the third time, and is tricked into eating a purple mushroom, because Mario told him that they give him super powers. As a result, Luigi's lower part of his of body grows a large hole, due to it "really" being poisonous. And throughout the rest of the day, Luigi gets beaten, crushed, shot, poked, eaten, shoved, spooked, sat on, spat at, hammered, zapped, drowned, bounced on, slapped, impelled, beheaded, farted on, punched, boiled, hung, and blown up.

Just to make things worse for Luigi, Mario and the gang take him inside Bowser's castle, and Mario tells him that the Princess is behind the door. Luigi, feeling nervous after Mario tells him that he'd never lie to him, opens the door only to find a terrifyingly frightening Bowser roaring in his face. Luigi slams the door in fear, turning white, while peeing his pants. He walks up to Mario, showing him his accident, making him feel angry. As Mario is about to walk down the stairs, insulting his brother, Luigi stands by the stairs, sticking his leg out, and trips him down the stairs.

After witnessing this, Daisy thanked him, because she always thought that Mario was a loser. She then starts find Luigi attractive, and asked him he'd really f***ed up. Luigi agrees, and Daisy puts a patch with a green mushroom in his mouth. This soon starts to make Luigi high and starts to have a fun time with Waluigi and Daisy, who even gives him a blowjob at the night club.

The next morning, Luigi is dropped off on the lawn of his house, naked, with a tattoo on his chest saying, "DAISY'S BITCH."


  • Luigi is portrayed as the wimpy younger sibling who plays with toys, is often nervous, and wants to be cool just like his older sibling.

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