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Luigi's Day Out


Running Time



Daisy/Princess Daisy
Mario's Mom



Luigi's Day Out premiered on YouTube on May 12, 2014.


Mario is forced to take Luigi to go on his adventure by their mother, Mario and his friends, Daisy and Waluigi, decide to trick Luigi.


[Mario looks from right to left as he slowly opens the door]

Mario and Luigi's Mom: Mario....

[Mario groans in frustration]

Mario: What, ma?!

[Bangs his head on the door knob]

Mario and Luigi's Mom: Are you going out, sweetie?

Mario: Yeah...I gotta save the princess, ma!

Mario and Luigi's Mom: Won't you be a dear and take your brother Luigi with you?

[Luigi hears what his mother said as he was playing with his truck and smiles]

Mario: Oh, c'mon, ma - He's such a baby!

Mario and Luigi's Mom: He is not a baby. You never know, he could help you fight that big dragon.

Mario: His name is Bowser, ma! You don't know anything about what I do, okay? You don't get it.

Mario and Luigi's Mom: I don't see what the harm of taking of him would be. He just wants to save the princess, too.

Mario: He's a f**king dork, ma; everybody makes fun of him!

[Luigi hears what Mario said and frowns and continues playing with his truck]

Mario and Luigi's Mom: Mario, you know I don't like that language in this house. I don't care how many princesses you save, I am still your mother. Now, take your brother with you; this isn't up for debate.

Mario: (Sighs) Come on, Luigi.

Luigi: YAY! Imma gonna go on an adventure!

[Luigi steps on his car and falls. Mario groans and facepalms]

[At the alleyway, Mario, while smoking is with Luigi]

Mario: You gonna tell Mom I was smoking?

Luigi: No-o-o Mario, Imma not-a-gonna tell!

Mario: Yeah, you better not or I'll kick your a**! Anyways just keep your mouth shut, scrote. Here come the guys.

[Daisy and Waluigi walk in]

Waluigi: S'up, dude?

Mario: Hey.

Daisy: Why'd you bring the kid?


Waluigi: So, what's on the agenda?

Mario: We're supposed to get Peach out of Bowser's s**thole, but I'm probably gonna blow it off...I don't give enough of a f**k today.

Daisy: You want to jump the fence at the country club and use the pool?

Mario: Eh, we did that two days ago.

Waluigi: You wanna go hang out at Cody's house?

Mario: OH CODY'S A PIECE OF S**T, I AM SO TIRED OF THAT A**HOLE! C'mon you guys, I don't wanna just f**k around today, you know? I wanna do something.

[Luigi is seen drooling then a fly lands on his nose. He sucks his drool back in and tries to kill it, but fails leading to a smack in the face]

Mario: Hey, you guys want to see something really funny?

[Scene changes to World 1-1] [The gang are near a pit]

Mario: I'm telling you scrote, the princess is down there - you gotta jump into the pit to save her!

Luigi: Are you sure about this, a-Mario?

Mario: And guess what else, buddy...she told me she really wants to make out with you.

[Luigi becomes amused making his propeller spin]

Luigi: Oh boy! Don't worry, princess! Here comes a-Luigi!

[Luigi falls into the pit and dies]

[Mario and Waluigi start laughing]

[Scene changes to Desert Hill] [Luigi, Mario, and Waluigi are seen running, while Daisy is on Lakitu's Cloud using a file]

Mario: The sun wants to be your friend, dude! When it comes down, give it a high-five!

[Luigi stares at Angry Sun worringly and raises his hand, Angry Sun lowers down to him and burns him leaving only his still running legs and spine showing]

[Mario and Waluigi laugh]

[The next scene shows Mario, Luigi and Waluigi] [Luigi is holding a Poison Mushroom]

Mario: Don't worry dude, the purple mushrooms are the best ones! They give you super powers!

[Luigi eats the mushroom and it burns his insides making him shiver]

[Mario and Waluigi laugh]

[Various scenes show Luigi getting kicked, crushed, shot, spiked, eaten, electricuted, drowned, slapped, etc.] [Last death scene shows Luigi holding a Bob-omb peacefully for several moments until he explodes]

[The gang finally reach Bowser's castle]

Mario: Alright scrote, the princess is definitely behind this door.

Luigi: Do you promise, a-Mario?

Mario: Luigi, please. [Mario holds his shoulder] I would never lie to you. [Mario gives a guilty smile]

[Luigi goes to the door, looks back at the others, then opens the door]

[Bowser roars with a scary face]

[Luigi immediately closes the door, completely frightened and turning white]

[Mario and Waluigi laugh and Luigi pees himself]

Luigi: Mario, I had an accident.

Mario: Aw, geez. Did you piss yourself?! You dumba** geek! Alright guys, I gotta take this baby home to his mommy can give him some clean underroos. Go figure, another day ruined by my annoying idiot brothe- [Luigi trips him over the stairs, making Luigi, Daisy, Waluigi watch him fall down]

Daisy: Nice one...that guy is such a loser.

Mario:[groans] My back!

Daisy: So what do you think, kid? You wanna get really f**ked up?

Luigi: Oh, okay.

Daisy: Open wide, big boy!

[Luigi opens his mouth and Daisy puts an LSD on his tongue. Daisy closes his mouth. Luigi starts to get triply. The background shows the three getting into a van, Waluigi is shown knocking down mailboxes, they gang goes into a liquor store and steal drinks, then go to a tattoo store and Luigi gets a tattoo on his chest, then accidentally crash into Yoshi, then leave his dead body on a bush, go into a club called 'The Warp Zone' and sneak in, Luigi and Daisy are shown dancing, then Daisy gives him a b***job, making the camera zoom in to Luigi's face. The screen goes black, transitioning to the two brother's house. Mother and Mario are in Mario's room - she is wondering where Luigi is]

Mario: For the last time ma, I don't know where he is.

Mario and Luigi's Mom: Well, where did you see him last?

Mario: I told ya, he left with Daisy. Augh.

Mario and Luigi's Mom: Should I call the police again? Maybe they found him and they just haven't called me yet! Oh, I shouldn't have let him go, this is all my fault, he's such a sensitive boy!

Mario: Ma, where ever the little scrote is, I'm sure he's fine.

Mario and Luigi's Mom: I should've gotten him a cell phone, I knew I should've gotten him a cell phone! Ah, will the police be annoyed if I called him again? Oh, I wish your father was here, he'd know what to do!

Mario: Hey ma, you know what will cheer you up? [Mario lets out a loud fart and laughs evilly. Mother slaps him] Ow, geez!

Mario and Luigi's Mom: Was it too much to ask that you brought your brother home with you? For crying out loud, Mario, he can't take care of himself. He's only 35!

Mario: Hey, someone's pulling up outside.

Mario and Luigi's Mom: Oh my goodness, that might be him!

[Daisy and Waluigi drop off Luigi. He is shown naked]

Mario and Luigi's Mom: Luigi! Luigi, is that you?

Mario: Oh for crying out loud.

[Luigi's eyes are red, dizzy and tired, and then notices his tattoo] [Tattoo is writen: DAISY'S B*TCH]

[Video ends with "GAME OVER, SCROTE!"]




  • This is the second parody of a video game (the first being SONIC: Too Fast).
  • Luigi's age is revealed to be 35.
  • The tattoo artist looks very similar to the muscular Mexican immigrant who grabs Rarity from DRESS.MOV.
  • Yoshi makes a brief appearance as a dead object.
  • Princess Peach appears on a poster in Mario's room.

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