Minuette is a female unicorn pony with a Maya blue coat, periwinkle mane and tail with a pigment blue streak and steel blue eyes. She has an hourglass cutie mark.When she in SWAG.MOV,she was among with Carrot Top(Golden Harvest),Berry Punch watching Rainbow Titan walking.


Minnuette was appear with Berry Punch and Carrot Top(Golden Harvest) watching Rainbow Titan walking. They was suprised when watching Rainbow Titan walking. She appear in SWAG.MOV with her dissapoint face and eyes.

In MLP FIM, she have friends in Canterlot. In PONY.MOV she wasn't have any best friend

In MLP FIM, she voices as Rebecca Husain and Cathy Weseluck,in Japanese MLP she voiced as Ikumi Nakagami. In PONY.MOV , she doesn't have a voice

In MLP FIM, she is a unicorn.In PONY.MOV, she was a unicorn.

Minnuette Sally Claudia

Age: 20( In SWAG.MOV)

Cutie mark: Hourglass

Occuptation: Dental in MLP FIM

Status: Alive

Date of birth: May 31 1996

Voiced by: Nobody

Biography Edit


Minuette was shown in SWAG.MOV was appear at SHED.MOV resolution, she was staring at Rainbow Titan with Berry Punch and Carrot Top(Golden Harvest).

Before Rainbow Titan, she wasn't stare to her at all.