Rev. Peter Daniel Pie




Christian Minister



Cutie Mark


Pony Type


Voiced by

Garrett Hunter

Reverend Peter Daniel Pie is a Christian minister and clergyman. He is the husband of Patricia Daphne Pie and the father of Pinkie Pie.



Reverend Pie was first mentioned by Pinkie Pie, after she witnessed Fluttershy getting locked up. After Spike asked her why things have been so weird lately, she replied by saying, "My Daddy makes her put glass in her vagina." Spike then responded by saying, "Yeah, well, good luck with that," and walked away.


He and his wife, Patricia, got interviewed on "True Equestria Story," saying that he never did anything that his daughter put in her autobiography (under the same title of the line she said at the end of SHED.MOV). The things that she listed about him included: forcing her to eat her own hair, hitting her over the head with a Sega Dreamcast, and locking her in the basement and blast "Blood on the Dance Floor" (a band that he has never heard of) for 17 hours straight, when she refused to say the Lord's Prayer.

Pinkie then revealed that she lied about her father because nobody was paying any attention to her.


  • Pinkie's father in the actual show is really a rock farmer.
  • He looks and sounds a little similar to muppet performer, actor, and director, Frank Oz.

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